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The 2004 shipping season will be approximately March 15th to June 23rd depending on weather conditions and where you live. Thanks to all who sent such glorious comments about my 2003 products. It is from those comments that I reap my rewards. You may now place your order with the shopping cart. *Please note that shipping is not added into the total. It will be added according to rates on shipping page.

Cedar Knoll Farm is owned and operated by Linda Morris. Linda is a registered nurse of 30+ years, a Nutritional Herbalist, and a studying Master Herbalist. For more about me click here Cedar Knoll Farm

Mission Statement: My main focus will be on the chemical free commercial growing of medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and peppers. I am not yet certified organic as that process takes several years, but I use only organic methods of growing. I will also feature traditional vegetable plants in our retail store.



Culinary Herbs  

A large part of my mission to my clientel is educational. I will focus on improved nutrition, improved taste of foods, and the enhancement of our state of well being. I hope to increase my public's awareness of how vital plants are for their nutritional and healing aspects, ability to improve taste, and pleasing fragrances.

Features: I will have a featured herbal information page and it will provide information on the growing and use of the herb, it's benefits, and recipes.

I will also have a feature focusing on nutritional information. This will include the latest research on a selected aspect of nutrition such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, etc.

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